“Learning the fundamental ABCs of the wood box mods”

Well, the past few days, I was put in many questions as to what “Wood box mods” are. So, I decided to undergo the ABCs on the same and make sure that I can get acquainted with this stuff. So, I scrolled too many websites and the things which I read I am placing it in a simple way.

About Wood box mods:

   As the name itself tells, wood box mods are made of wooden boxes. Thus, you can choose from the unregulated, variable voltage. The cost of the boxes can go either way. The presence of the regulated box mode has safety measures such as thermal protection, low impedance protections, and reverse polarity protection. In cases, if things are not right in the box, then it won’t fire.

Durability measures:

   In most cases, the box has much to offer. The boxes can be made from wood or aluminum.  These materials are obviously not strong as compared to other materials such as copper, brass or steel. In cases, if you drop a box mod, then there is a chance that you might break it. Also in cases when you actually run the risk of knocking a component, then there might be chances of gadget breaking.

Whom to choose, this one or this one?

      There is always a choice given. People need to select from the mechanical mods and wooden box mods. Talking about the simplicity, people prefer the simplicity of the classic mechanical mods and in cases they actually enjoy the rebuilding of their coils. Hence, they actually find the difference after using both the boxes.   There are people who are actually not interested in rebuilding of their coils and getting different effects on their vape. Hence, they enjoy the different options that actually come with the box mods.  There are people who love the mechanical mods and they appreciate the metal working and also the artistry of the box.

Features those are included in wooden box mods:

  • Unique style and has the best conductivity.
  • It has got a generous appearance.
  • They actually have over puffing protection.
  • There is an adjustable top pin.
  • There is reverse connection protection.
  • There is a beautiful holster inside the gift box.