Why are Real RDAs Better than Clones?

There is quite a bit of speculation when it comes to selecting a genuine RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) or a clone. Before we get into the specifics of both varieties, let us find out what an RDA actually means. This type of atomizer features a mechanism when the e-liquid is dripped directly on the wick/coil. Even though it can’t retain a lot of fluid at a time, changing out coils, wicks, and customizing the Ohm output.

What are clones?

When you shop around for atomizers, you will come across various products out of which some will be authentic, while others are knock-offs. Clones, as we all know are crafted copies of original items – similarly, in the vaping world, a clone RDA is a duplicate of the genuine product, but is manufactured using cheaper materials and hardware. Although some argue that the differences between the two are minor, it is assuredly not so, especially in terms of quality, performance, safety, and longevity.

Why are real RDAs preferred over their cheaper counterparts?

Vaping enthusiasts will mostly want to buy the authentic RDA even if the clones cost significantly less.  There are several reasons for their choice – take a look:


Clone RDAs use inferior materials due to which the price plummets. Even though it might be tempting, this crafted copy raises a safety concern for the user. Vaping via a clone might not cause immediate harm, but cheap parts could lead to underlying problems that manifest later on. It is advisable not to take chances with your health.


Of course, an original will be created using the finest of components and parts, so you can rest assured about getting true value for money. Even if you have to spend more for the RDA, you can be 100% certain of its superior quality.


Buying a real RDA guarantees an excellent performance all the time. Even if you face any issues related to performance, you can always consult your dealer or take the complaint to the company who are well-versed in tackling such problems. If it is a manufacturing defect, a replacement will be provided, which might not happen in the case of a clone RDA.


As mentioned before, authentics cost more, but it is a solid investment that lasts for a longer time than a clone counterpart. Would you rather pay more and enjoy an amazing vape every day for a few months? Or would you shell out less money even if you have to change clones only after some weeks?

Please make sure you choose wisely between a real and clone RDA before buying – happy shopping!