RDAs and their tug of war

Over the last few months, I actually tried purchasing an authentic mechanical mod and RDA. There were many reasons I wanted to purchase it and tried to considering the key benefits and also the advantages. I have also spoken people about how I want to buy clones. But people kept me telling that it is no different than the downloading torrents of music, pirated software, or movies. It’s really not easy to consider the tell tale about vaping of the clones. Don’t know if they are good or bad, but they are compared to the authentic’s they copy and share.  With my visit to a store, my eyes laid on Stingray clone.  On personally going through it, I realized that the materials were average and it quite looked pretty and a mass-produced knockoff. Then after this episode, I decided to purchase a wide variety of cloned RDA’s.

RDAs and their tug of war:

Tugboat RDA:

         Last time when I did an online shopping for Tugboat clones, I was very happy. Each and every clone was different. So, the very first thing that I noticed was the laser etching on the same but decided not to notice it. The biggest problem I actually found was that the cap was a little bit lose than that of the authentic and half of them were leaked around the center pin from the other end. So, the clone was junk and thus depending on it, it can cost you about 8.00 to 20.00. Thus, buying in wholesale will give you 50.00.

Patriot RDA:

  Just similar to that of the tugboat clone, the Patriot clones engraving are not as clean as the authentic ones. But, also similar to the Tugboat clone, the cap fits very loosely on it. After this, I purchased 10 clones and each and every clone's cap will surely fall off when you turn it upside down. And I didn't have had a single leak. Unlike the tugboat clone, the materials are average. The authentic ones can be sold for over $100 and the wholesale ones can be brought to $60.00 range.  Though this is not that bad as the cloned Tugboat, but the sloppy fitting cap does not justify buying it.

Plume RDA:

    These clones are made in the same factory in China. The only difference is that the marketing company for the authentic Plumes does require the higher quality materials as compared the other two. In many cases, there are companies who use cheaper materials to manufacture them and this can create trouble.

So, just purchase them and give your reviews based on the same.