Mechanical Mods can change your vaping experience.

                                 Now doing the mechanical mod is everyone’s cup of tea!     


These days’ people have decided to quit smoking only for vaping. Well, that’s great news! But, there are people who have not even heard about vaping. So, what to do in such situations? The mechanical mods (vaping) are very different. If you probably don’t lay hands on the mechanical mods, then please feel free to read this article from the start to the end so that you can make yourself aware of the pros and the cons altogether.

Is it only for the experts?

       Well, there is no such answer to this. But let me tell you, there is an unspoken rule in vaping that mechs are only for the experienced ones. These mechs are actually re- buildable devices with low ohm coils. These actually have no inbuilt protection that can get nasty if you over-drain the battery and have no idea of dealing with it. Then, in that case, you can go on trying something different. So, in case, you wish to do something, make sure you first go through all the basics of vaping.


           People surely have many questions as to what is mechanical mod work. So, let me clear this thing to you. A mechanical mod is a basic personal vaporizer. This consists of a tube and it holds a replaceable and rechargeable battery. It actually consists of a button tube which helps in unregulated current to the atomizer and that too upon its activation.  It is similar to a personal vaporizer. It is a form of APV but the PVs themselves come with built-in protection features making them safer to use than mechs. So, how does this works? It’s basically the first question that comes to our mind. So, let me give you a brief elaboration on this. After the installation of the battery, the battery’s positive end stays in contact with the mech’s positive connection and this makes it work. So, when the button gets engaged this results in a connection between the device and the battery’s negative end.  The positive connection then, in turn, channels the voltage to the atty’s positive contact point and on to the fitted resistance wire. This, in turn, causes the coil around the moistened wick to heat up and then it is vapor generation.

Things you need to get started with a mechanical mod:

   There are many things you need to collect before using the mechanical mod. So, here it is how and what all you need in your stack:

  • A Mod
  • Charger with voltage display
  • Ohm meter
  • Battery
  • RDA
  • Resistance wire
  • Cotton balls
  • Tweezers
  • Small wire cutters

So, this is the guide you need to go through before the word ‘vaping’ comes in your mind.