Review about TUGBOAT V2 RDA

An atomizer is an essential part of an e-smoking device. It needs to be of the highest quality in order to ensure that the device works smoothly and you get the engrossing effect of real smoke. In case you are looking out for any such quality and most importantly an RDA grade atomizer, you should definitely opt for TUGBOAT V2 RDA.

How does it appear?

TUGBOAT V2 is an excellently designed RDA atomizer with a contemporary and trendy finish with metal available in varied color choices along with the coordinated drip tip. It measures 22mm categorized into three parts:

  1. The top cap equipped with the adaptable airflow
  2. A barrel
  3. Three post deck

Though it has been manufactured on the standard RDA framework, but you hold it, there is nothing basic about it.

What makes it a favorite among the users?

If you compare other RDA atomizers in the market, you will find that TUGBOAT V2 is far better from almost every angle. The sturdiness and the ruggedness that this atomizer offers, is often missed out even in the advanced and higher end models. The craftsmanship of the product is beyond any comparison-the finishing, materials used and machining are simply outstanding. This is why TUGBOAT V2 RDA is a preferred choice among the people across the globe.

The structural design makes it a better performer

Because of its three-post design, the atomizer offers the airflow options that can allow both the single and the dual coils with ample amount of air flow. If you minutely study and explore TUGBOAT V2, you will find out that this is more of a flavor intended RDA atomizer producing decent clouds as well. It is the conical top cap of the atomizer that makes it to perform better for flavor than other similar products accessible in the market.

There are options for purchasing top caps and drip caps from the market and use on TUGBOAT V2 which will improve the airflow by reducing the chamber and thereby making it even a better performer for producing clouds as well as rendering flavors.


TUGBOAT V2 stand out from the crowd

There is no doubt to the fact that the market is flooded with tons of atomizers of several brands and manufacturers. Each one of them claims to be the best. Choosing one atomizer from the overcrowded market is definitely a tough job. But, if you are looking for quality, durability along with the excellent performance, there can be nothing better than TUGBOAT V2. In fact, the feedbacks and the reviews of the customers are positive which makes it even evident from the fact that TUGBOAT V2 is definitely a better option than other competitors.