Yakuza mod has many things to say!

People nowadays are actually looking for the moderately priced, truly innovative, and equipped with cutting edge tech for which the likes have not been seen in the vaping community. Now, the very first thing which strikes our mind when we hear the word vaping is that it is one of the coolest and has got high performance box mod and sub-ohm tank kits that will be soon available online. But, there are many Yakuza kits which are meant to satisfy vapers or the brand new vapings. The Yakuza comes with atom vapes which are the makers from the most attractive mods. They are also the makers of the hugely successful gClapton replacements coils.


The Yakuza mods have so many things to say:

      The Yakuza mods have been sculpted with the fine ergonomic contours that cause the mod to rest comfortably in the palm of the users hand. Talking about its characteristics, this is one of the most durable and slips free boxes which have been meant to provide the aesthetics aside. The brain of the Yakuza mod is an original Atom Vapes OS which is smart and user friendly too. It was developed for the users to make the adjustments in the minimum number of steps and considering the clicks possible. There are these user mods, by using a series of 3-click actions. By using only a single thumb, users start with 3 clicks to get to Temperature Control Ni200 mode, another 3 clicks get the user into Temperature Control Ti, 3 more clicks takes the user to MekMod (Bypass mode). Our Yakuza tank is equipped with an Atom Vapes gCeramic 0.9-ohm coil head.

Wattage ceramic mode introduces itself:

It is a custom setting in the Atom OS that optimizes the mod for ceramic coils. This mode when mixed with the ceramic tank, increase the life of the coil by 30%, reduces the consumption of the e liquid by 22%, and extend battery life by 26%. This atom OS has a special algorithm. Talking about this special algorithm, the wattage is stepped up gradually until it hits the preset wattage and then steps back down gradually as the fire button is pressed. 


Features that make Yakuza different:

    There are features which make Yakuza different. 

  • Super-fast charging: It has a fast charging battery along with the 3-amp charging system.
  • Apple lightning port: Yakuza has the apple lightning port.
  • Modern protection: One of the safety features is modern protection.
  • Heat dissipation: It has got extra ordinary heat dissipation property.

Thus, with the invention of new vaper kits, technology is advancing and people too!