“Invention is the mother of Turbo V3 RDA”

These days, the turbo V3 RDA is in talks. The highly manufactured Tobeco technology have considered to emphasis on the vaping segment more reluctantly. So, looking at the vaping craze in the market, the consumers got magnetised and they were actually looking for something extra. Yes, that’s the so called trend, asking for more. So, the company decided to offer something cool and exciting and that was how the lust for coolness faded very quickly. Then after this, Tobeco later released its second version of Turbo RDA. This was how discoveries found its ways. Yes, through this, the company decided to look out for more ways and also address the flaws that were previously seen in the pre version. But even this was not enough, to actually grab the attention. They were in search for a dripper.

Invention is the mother of Turbo V3 RDA:

   While, discoveries and inventions found its ways, the next version of turbo V3 RDA was then introduced.  But in this, deck  was actually the main issue.  The original one and the one on turbo V2 had a 3 post design. The latest one had a ‘T’ shaped design that was giving it 4 post holes that were on the either side of the deck. This helped in making the installing coils even easier and hence helps in reduction of the hassles with great wires. There is always a need to swing the cap open and that too dripping more e-liquid to the coils. So, the next feature that they did was the ohm symbol. It was used in cutting the airflow control. This has now sported the two channels which are on the sides of the RDA. Indeed, this would help in making it relatively easy to dial the right amount of air every time one uses it.

Turbo VS RDA comes with easy features:

   Well, this comes with the easy features which are as follows:

    • Deep Juice Well
    • Stainless Steel Construction
    • Adjustable Cyclops Airflow
    • Split Center Tri-Post Design
    • Adjustable Wide Bore Delrin Drip Tip
    • Flexibile Air Turbine
    • Silver Plated Copper Contact Pin
    • PEEK Insulators
So, with the presence of this new ‘T’ design on its deck, the Turbo RDA will be up at the new standards when it comes to vaping. There are people who no longer uses the old Turbo because of the relative easiness this new Turbo V3 RDA has actually got. This new feature will definitely change the style of vaping.