People these days are actually in love with the different shades of the Kanger KBOX 160. In many cases, if a box would actually resemble like a solid square of chocolate, it’s the Kanger KBOX 160. In this case, the solid impression of this box is achieved by wrapping the mod in a zinc alloy colored silver all the way around including the buttons. Sometimes, you truly feel like unwrapping this box and taking a bite, but that’s fairly not possible because taking a puff is an even better idea. This box is available on the pre-order on the entire e-commerce website which in itself gives an idea as to how the order can be placed.

See, what the previews of this box are:

      The KBOX actually comes in many shapes before its arrival just two years back. This is just not the largest or also the powerful versions, it best comes with an industrial-looking alternative to their colorful mods. Yes, it is solid in nature and then you can simply realize its capacity.

The Characteristics of the box:

        It actually comes with the following characteristics:

  • Few box mods come with 160 watts and few of them might be even smaller.
  • This box measures 84 x 56 x 22 mm making it narrow and compact, especially with a small tank on tops such as the Melo III by Eleaf or a Wismec Theorem.
  • It has got a tank width at 22 mm so that it won't flow over the sides of this device.
  • The lip present in this box protects your mod. It also protects the KBOX 160 from landing on its control panel and destroying the buttons.

Additional features that are the cherry on the cake:

  • LCD Display:

      There is an LCD display that sets back a millimeter or so from the edge. It glows very brightly. This LCD display has got a screen that shows temperature, voltage and also wattage. It has been catapulted with a true resistance of the automizer and life that is left on the set of the batteries is actually installed.

  • Battery powered:

There comes this battery power, which is driven by two 18650 cells or a high-powered internal cell. It actually comes with two batteries that have been inserted independently.

  • Temperature control settings:

           There is a TC/VW mod that comes with various buttons on the mod. The coils inside this are cheaper, but they are not as efficient and come with a resistance of 0.1 ohms.