Who is the Biggest Enemy of Vaping?


For quite some time, “Big Tobacco” has been perceived to be the largest threat to vaping, which offer an excellent alternative to smokers who wish to enjoy the high and experience without succumbing to the ill effects. While this entity is no friend, they are not the major foes either. Shocking, right? Let us find out more!


As frightening as the Bermuda Triangle


They say trouble usually comes in threes – and the threat looming over vaping is also linked to a triangle that comprises the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), initiatives like “Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids” and huge pharmaceutical enterprises.  All three points are connected to each other in some way. The campaign might seemingly be against tobacco in general, but they are actively negating the usage of flavors and vaping.  


Connections here we come!


It is interesting to note that the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids was started by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which in turn was spearheaded by a founding member of the Johnson & Johnson conglomerate that is a famous name in the pharmaceutical industry. These organizations fund health initiatives that get money from grants, massive settlement agreements, tobacco taxes, and so on, even if they deny it till kingdom come.


E-cigarettes are a formidable opponent


E-cigarettes have definitely put a wrench in their plan of making enormous revenues at the expense of smokers. People, when presented with the option of vaping, are most likely to opt for the much safer choice (almost 95%), as opposed to filling their lungs with nicotine. When millions make up their mind in favor of vaping, it affects the profits garnered via the sale of traditional cigarettes as tobacco is left out in the cold!


A brilliant plan indeed!


Pharmaceutical companies have secured both ends of the chain. Yes, they want to portray that they actually want consumers to quit smoking by encouraging the use of cessation devices manufactured by them. If you can get rid of this habit, then good for you, but they have already earned a neat profit. And what happens if you fail? You end up with some kind of lung-related illness (read: cancer), and purchase drugs from those very companies. Needless to say, this kind of treatment puts a serious dent in your finances. Even Mitch Zeller, the current FDA commissioner at one time lobbied for big pharmaceutical establishments regarding tobacco dependency by promoting nicotine replacement items. So you can forget about him being on our side!


Have you ever wondered why the Government of UK is more pro-vaping than their US counterpart? One way to look at it is, if more people can quit smoking, the less will be spent on them in the long run because of the socialized medicine concept. Yes, it does come down to money, but the end result is what matters.



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