Eleaf iStick 30W Review

The Eleaf iStick 20W was a total success when it was launched last year and its huge popularity clearly shows how customers like this new product. However, there are still some areas that needed to be improved and loyal Eleaf iStick customers gave a few awesome ideas on how to make it even better. Eleaf clearly listened to their customers and they have released a much improved and more powerful version.

If you want to know more about the Eleaf iStick 30W and its new features, you should continue reading this article. A coupon code is also available below, which offers a big discount when buying the Eleaf iStick 30W. For comments and suggestions about the Eleaf iStick 30W, please write us a comment.

What You Can Find Inside the Eleaf iStick 30W Box

We would just like to say that the contents of the kit will depend on what shop you purchased it from. We got our Eleaf iStick 30W kit from Mt Baker Vapor. The usual kit only comes with the device itself.

  • iStick 30W Box Mod
  • 510/Ego Adapter
  • Micro USB to USB Charging Cable
  • USB Wall Adapter

Product Specification for Eleaf iStick 30W

  • 2200mAh Battery
  • 4-5.0 ohm
  • With 2.0V – 8.0V Voltage Output
  • With Wattage Output of 5W – 30W
  • Size 77mm x 23mm x 32.5mm
  • Threading: 510 spring loaded connection equipped with stainless steel threading
  • Color: Black, Fuchsia, Silver & Blue

What are the Difference Between the Old and the New Version?

  • Voltage Range is increased: 2 – 8V
  • Wattage is increased: 5 – 30W
  • New version includes a Wattage Locking Function
  • Spring loaded 510 pin and stainless steel threading
  • Capable of Sub Ohm Vaping: 0.4 – 5.0 ohm
  • New version has a wider base at the top to cater for the 23mm tanks

Review of iStick 30W


Depending on the store, the price of the Eleaf iStick 30W varies at $35 to $40. With the coupon code below, you can buy your own iStick 30W at a 10% discount.

The $35 price tag of the iStick 30W is a great bargain for everyone. It still retains its very small size but packs a huge punch as a tiny box mod, which uses the latest sub ohm tanks. Eleaf truly listened to the feedbacks of their loyal followers and incorporated new features that make the iStick 30W a much improved device.

iStick 30W Power and Sub Ohm Capability

The Eleaf iStick 30W can now fire up to 30W and use the latest sub ohm tanks. This latest version is capable of firing down to 0.4 ohms and up to 5 ohm. This means that the iStick 30W is fully capable of working with almost any tank and most sub ohm tanks. Here are some of the recommended sub ohm tanks for your iStick 30W:

  • Subtank Mini
  • Eleaf Melo
  • Nano
  • Smoketech VCT
  • Aspire Atlantis

If you don’t use a sub ohm tank, we recommend using the Kanger Aerotank, Nautilus Mini and the Eleaf GS Air.

iStick 30W Size and Aesthetics

The size of the iStick 30W is almost the same as the older 20W version. It is slightly bigger but it is still so tiny and fits comfortably in your pocket. You can take it out with you and it offers greater convenience when you want to vape without anyone noticing.

You will notice that the top cap is slightly elongated and extended because Eleaf wants the 23mm tank to fit flush without any overhang. Sub ohm tanks will also fit flush without any overhang.

The iStick 30W looks great and fits perfectly well in your hands. It comes in a variety of colors but the fuchsia or pink ones look absolutely attractive. If you want more protection and a firmer grip, we recommend getting a silicone sleeve for your iStick 30W.

Much Improved 510 Pin and Stainless Steel Threading

Fitting any tank to the iStick 30W is much easier; thanks to the all new spring loaded pin. Eleaf knows that the pin and threading of the 20W version needed to be improved, so they added a spring loaded 510 connector and a stainless steel threading.

iStick 30W Screens and Buttons

There is less rattling of the buttons in the 30W version than in the 20W. Eleaf added the wattage lock feature, which you can see at the screen. Just hold down the plus or minus button to lock the wattage or voltage of your vape. This new feature gets rid of the hassle of accidentally changing the wattage. It is also easier to scroll between wattages with its improved accelerometer.

USB Pass-Through Charging

Now you can vape while charging because of its pass through charging technology. It will take around 2 and a half hours to fully charge this device. The charging port is on the bottom part, which means that you can’t sit it upright during charging.

Battery Life

The iStick 30W uses the same Li Po battery, which was also used in the 20W version. The battery life can last up to a day but it will still mostly depend on the frequency of your usage. If you vape at a much lower wattage on and off, you can expect the battery to last a couple of days with one charge.

We hoped for a much longer lasting battery for this new version but it’s not really a major hassle. We recommend the Eleaf 50W or the Innokin MVP 3.0 if you want a much longer battery life.


We conclude that the iStick 30W is a great multi-functional box mod, which has a lot of innovative features. Its best features are its small size and its flexibility in firing down to 0.4 ohm. This is the perfect tiny device for vapers that you can buy at a very affordable price.

The quality of the iStick 30W is much improved although it is not considered as a high end device. There are reports of the 30W having some electrical issues, which means that it might not last for a long time. However, at $35 price tag, you shouldn’t expect it to last forever. In terms of size, nothing beats the iStick 30W.

Whether you are a beginner at vaping or use a sub ohm vape, the Eleaf iStick 30W is a great choice for you. It is flexible, tiny and has an amazing price. For a much more powerful vape, you can try the iStick 50W.