Top 5 Reasons Why Vape is Not For You

Fact! Vaping is poisonous and extremely hazardous to one’s health, as stated by NY Times. Although the said article might overemphasized its point, we decided to put our opinion why some people should continue smoking the classic cigarette and forget the other more modern alternative, which is vaping. Let us begin.

  1. You enjoy bothering the people around you by smelling like smoke.

You’ve experienced this. We’ve all experienced this. Probably the worst part of it is when you are with a friend or a random person who is still experiencing it. The uncomfortable smell of cigarette block all of senses. The smell is one thing but the health hazard it contributed is another. Smelling or inhaling the smell of cigarette is as bad as second hand smoking. So, if your life’s goal is to threaten the lives of the people around you or just plainly annoy them, then probably vaping is not a good choice.  

  1. Spending so much money is not a problem

Probably one of the not-so appealing thing a normal smoker would hear is that cigarettes are not cheap and you’ve been spending too much on them. It’s funny, really. These people spend a large amount of money on something that in return they get their lifespans reduced.  

To make things more concrete, let’s talk with numbers. On average, a smoker spends $160 each month for their cigarette supply. On the other hand, vapers spend an average of $33 a month for e-juices. Now that’s a significant difference of money you spend. Vaping may potentially save your life, it can also save you savings too. But come on, a hundred-dollar difference isn’t much, right?

  1. Stained teeth and unhealthy gums are your thing.

Cigarettes can do disgusting things to your mouth and staining your teeth is one of them. Nicotine and tar are the two primary culprits when it comes to teeth staining. You’ve all seen how it looks right? That yellow to brown colored teeth and darkened lips and gums. Unfortunately, vaping is not capable of such negative effect. The ingredients and chemicals that make up vape are also ingredients we find in food.

  1. You are comfortable of being unhealthy

When you smoke cigarette, in one way or another, your body will tell you it does not want you to do so. Your lungs won’t work as much as they used to causing breathlessness, your sense of smell and taste are damaged and all other physical and immediate effect due to smoking. Overall, your body does not work on its optimal state. Vaping is not a contributor to these negative effects making it a much better choice over cigarette. Well, that’s if you want to be healthy again.


  1. You do not want to live long and prosper.

It is a fact that cigarette smokers are depleting their lifespan with each cigarette they use. If you want to take care of your body or at least try to restore it as much as you can after cigarette smoking, vape could be a solution. People who are addicted to nicotine should try vape so as to decrease the nicotine level and dependency of your body. And as mentioned above, vape is more economically reasonable as compared to cigarette smoking. Lastly, when you start vaping, you give yourself a chance for a better quality of life.

Well done NY, Times!

All my credibility and faith is lost in the New York Times after the article. This article tops all the intense research and exposure to sufficient stats and circulated fallacies. I really did expect more from this large publication with such power of influence to the public.

How about you, what can you say about this?