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Review of the SMOK X Cube II

Review of the SMOK X Cube II


This is a review of the latest SMOK X-Cube II, which has a box mod for temperature control with 160W, manufactured by SMOK Tech. The box mod is powered using dual 18650s. The temperature span of the X Cube 2 is between 100°C and 315°C or 200°F and 600°F.

A unique feature in the X Cube 2 is customized LED lighting and Bluetooth technology. The beautiful fire button seamlessly integrates within the device. You can connect it via Bluetooth and remotely control through a SMOK app or box mod. The combination of Bluetooth, firing button, temp and power control makes for a superior box mod. We provide further details below!

If you own a TFV4 you can find out the complete line of Coils from SMOK TVF4.

A huge thank you to SMOK for sending us this sample!


What’s inside the kit?


  • 1 x Smok X Cube 2 Box Mod
  • 1 x Cable Micro USB
  • 1 x Pouch
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card

Basic Specs


SMOK xCube II Black Edition

  • 6-160W of Wattage
  • 35-8V of Voltage Range
  • 100°C-315°C or 200°F-600°F of Control Range
  • Wattage Mode of 0.1-3.0 ohm or Temp Mode of 0.06-3.0 ohm in Resistances
  • 18650s Dual High Drain Batteries
  • Construction of Stainless Steel and Zinc Alloy Material
  • Gun Metal color available
  • For Apps, Applicable for Operating Systems such as iOS 7.0 and Android 4.3+. Other Features include support for Bluetooth 4.0 through Tablet or Phone or Tablet
  • OLED Screen
  • Battery Cover Magnetic
  • LED light that is Customizable
  • 510 Connection that is Spring Loaded
  • Memory Modes of 16 Wattage

How to use the X Cube 2?

App and Bluetooth 4.0



It is easy to control the X Cube 2 via your phone or via the Bluetooth app. You would need to have Android 4.3 or IOS 7 operating systems to connect via the phone. Ensure that this is installed else you can’t control X Cube 2 via the app.

Personally, I am not very fond of the app and prefer controlling the device via the mod box. However, if you wish to change the temperature coefficient, you would need to do this via the app.

Important Tip!

How to change the coefficient of temperature:

Typically, the coefficient of temperature is established at 0; you would need to alter this based on the kind of wire being used in the atomizer or RDA.

In case you use the nickel or Ni200, coefficient of temperature will be 0.006; the slider would need alteration according to this setting. If you retain the existing coefficient of temperature, the device fails to function properly in the mode of temperature control.

When using wire of Titanium material, coefficient of temperature is 0.0038; make sure to increase the slider based on that setting.


If you choose vape in mode of temperature control, it provides coefficient of temperature on your device. However, it won’t automatically change according to the coil being used, even if you select titanium or nickel. Then you’ll need to change this via the app, which can prove cumbersome.

This was the only functionality that required me to use the app and you too will need to do this in case you want proper functioning of temp control. Ensure you have a tablet or phone with appropriate operating system!

X Cube 2 Temperature Control

Once you establish coefficient of temperature, you can begin using temperature control. Certain preliminary YouTube videos suggested that temp control did not function but ever since, people have done tests for dry burn and temp control works now. I’m unsure if SMOK has altered anything but temp control appears to work now.

We made use of Ni200 coils for the Subtank Mini; once temp coefficient was changes, temp control worked perfectly. Varying temperatures helped find that 260 degree Celsius was the best temperature in normal mode. There are both hard and soft modes. Soft mode refers to when the initial two seconds of draw had power reduced by 10%. For hard mode, you get more power by 10% in the initial two seconds.

Advantages of the Aesthetics of SMOK X Cube 2

The stainless steel and zinc alloy material is great on the X Cube 2. Much like X Cube, the second version looks sexy and sleek. LED lighting adds a unique look to it as does the fire button.

Wattage Range

X Cube 2 functions perfectly in wattage up to 160W and therefore is good competition with Sigelei and IPV3 Li at 150W. There is sufficient power for all sub-ohm tanks as well as RDA low builds. Wattage modes function as expected and scrolling for wattage is easy using buttons marked + and – as well as on top of box mod.

Temperature Control

Initial YouTube videos showed the cotton burning but temp control functions perfectly now. The Ni200 Kanger coils worked fine and vape was enjoyable. We also tried the burn test with cotton using RDA and found temp control functioning properly.

Device Buttons: + & -

The previous X Cube did not have buttons marked + and –; this made operating tricky for controls. However, the second version has these buttons enabling easy up and down scrolling for temperature and wattage.

Fire Button

The fire button is a unique concept and appears sleek in design. It integrates seamlessly into the X Cube 2; the LED lights add to the design appeal.

What’s not to like in the X Cube 2


Battery Cover is Wobbly

This was the biggest drawback and hopefully it’s only in samples and will be rectified prior to mass release. The cover for battery has magnets and is easily removed but when replaced it wobbles a little. The wobbly factor is more obvious upon holding the device in the hand. The mod looks fine but this flaw spoils the aesthetics and quality of device.

Weight and Size

The X Cube 2 is not a small device because it uses 18650 dual batteries. It is bigger in size compared to the 150W Sigelei, which is the default box mod of dual 18650 type. The device is heavy and people looking for high power will have to be satisfied with the dual 18650s; there really is nothing to make the box mod lighter or smaller.

Screen Position

The mod box screen position on top is not an issue if you are using attys or 22 mm. But if you are using something wider compared to 22mm the atty or tank will slightly overlap on the screen. If you happen to blow large clouds and the atty or tank is heating up, the screen might fog up. This is not an issue with 22mm tanks but you need to keep this in mind when using something bigger.

App only change of Coefficient of Temperature

Coefficient of temperature can only be modified via the app. This is a drawback is you don’t have the right operating system. The mod box ideally should change the coefficient of temperature automatically when selecting the wire being used.


Conclusion of the review


Irrespective of whether you want a temp control mod box or a mod box of high wattage, the X Cube 2 is a solid choice. SMOK has finally rectified the issues related to temp control as evident on the M80, which had disastrous consequences. In pure wattage mode, the device is well worth the price. When you add temp control modes to it, this is a superior mod box.

Ensure that if you end up purchasing the device for temp control, that you have the necessary operating system, in order to modify coefficient of temperature via the app. This is mandatory to ensure proper functioning of temp control; especially since this function cannot be done right on the mod box. You’d need to download the necessary app and then connect through Bluetooth for proper temp control functioning.

On the whole, the X Cube 2 is a fantastic mod box that functions perfectly well in temp control as well as wattage modes. It may not be the lightest or smallest box but definitely has loads of features that provide good value.