Segelei 200W Set to Stir Vapers

Box Mod manufacturers prepare for tough competition as Segelei announces the launch of its latest box mod - the Segelei 200W. While the product is out for pre-orders, it has been able to create a notable stir in the vaping community. The Asmodus Snow Wolf is speculative of the effect the latest Segelei box mod may have in the markets.

The Segelei 200W features a screen which displays important information like the battery levels and the wattage. The wattage ranges from 5.0W to 200W and the resistance varies from 0.05Ω – 2.5Ω. The product supports nickel and titanium wires. It will be a temperature control device powered by two 18650 batteries. While we are waiting for specifics on the product once it is released and has been tried and tested by the vapers, most of the information is based on speculation at this time.

Sigelei has so far provided the best box mods in the vaping community which raises the demands of its customers with every new product release. Sigelei is already a big name in the vaping industry and vapers await the new box mod’s release to enhance their vaping experience.

The limited information we have on the product has already created anxiety in the vaping world, and if it works like it says, then Segelei will have manufactured another contender for the top box mods. Sigelei has released a video which shows the product and by the looks of it, the product is sleek and the digital screen looks good. The idea of the screen is similar to that of Asmodus Snow Wolf and the SMY box mods.

As the release date of the product comes close, more information may be revealed on its specifications as vapers start using it. A closer look at the model would then be possible along with comparisons to other box mods.