Video Review of vPark 50w and 150w

Video review of Great vaporizer box mod vPark 50w and 150w.

Technical Specifications of Vpark BOX 30  premium kit


Model Name

Vpark BOX 30  premium kit

v-box Size


Tank Size


Available Colors

Black, Silver, White

Temperature sensing wire

from 0.1 to 1 ohms



Variable Wattage


Coil resistance


Battetry Capacity

1000mAh (Internal high drain polymer li-ion rechargeable 18350 size battery )

How to use:

1.Open the box,take out Vpark BOX 30 .
2.Turn "Power Swith"to "on" for starting up.
3.Press"Lgnition Swithch"for vaping.
4.Turn"adjustable knob"left or right for adjusting the wattage
5.How to charge:connect USB cable to computer/wall adaptor and USB charging port.

6.Filling from top,high performance anti-slipsilicone O-ring,easy disassembly
7.Replace coil without open liquid chamber
8.Scald-proof design can adjust air flow
9.use USA doublehelix high-performance heating coil,huge vapor
10.Double channels adjustable air inflow design,easy control.