Advanced Electronic Cigarette Kit SMOK G80 with Spirals Tank | Review

The SMOK G80 builds on SMOK’s experience in this market. The brand has picked up a beautiful sleek, lean look with easy-to-use advanced features throughout their vary of product, arguably making them one of the most effective box mod makers within the market.  The new G80 has some distinct advantages over different product, and perhaps the foremost noticeable benefit is taste control.

At first look, it appears similar to its predecessors, but the new 80W power makes the SMOK G80 a proper very little workhorse.  The mod comes in gold with black detail, a solid silver, or a black tank with red or green detail.  Rings and trimmings are picked out in matching colours. The OLED screen is clean, and the buttons are simply wherever you expect them.  Here are the highlights of the new G80:

The unit is built around one 18650 battery, which, in certain circumstances, can be a far better choice than inbuilt batteries. It’s sometimes additional convenient to slip in a fresh battery than to insert and recharge, and the battery case could be a smooth push-pull style. Not having to pair batteries for your mod has the advantage that you will use older batteries for extended, just to create certain you get your full money’s value from every one! Battery life continually depends on usage, and if you use the G80 at a gentle  20 to thirty watts you’ll get a good day’s vaping out of the battery, but heavier usage (it is, after all, an 80W for a reason!) will need recharging or battery replacement throughout the day.

 The G80 has a no-fuss look and sports an ergonomic style for comfy handling. The dimensions of the mod are 75.5mm high, 38.5mm wide and a scant 26.5mm thick.  The striking OLED screen is simple to browse at a fast look, with all the important info in a neat display:  mode, voltage, temperature, amps, resistance and battery level.


Intuitive Button Placement:

The fire button is on the facet, right at the top, with the two smaller up/down adjustment buttons just under it. The micro-USB port is situated at the bottom of the unit, in line with the power and navigation buttons.  The USB port allows for upgrading the software as required, and also fast charging via micro-USB cable.  The operation is familiar:  just tap the power button five times to change on, and hold it down for vaping.  The auto-safety system cuts the circuit if you hold the button down for longer than 12 seconds, but can resume once you push the button.

Mix & Match:

Most mods have been standardized to a 510 thread, which makes it simple to replace tanks or experiment with different tank styles.  You can simply use 22mm or larger atomizers, though you could got to affect some overhang from the tanks larger than 24mm.

 Tanked Out:

The Spiral tank holds 2ml e-juice with a top fill feature and Delrin drip tip.  The new SMOK Spiral tank is a great thing to the current elegant very little mini-mod. Although the tank capability is ‘just’ 2ml, users will realize that SMOK’s precise wicking hole placement, in conjunction with quality coils and their highly adjustable 4-hole air flow style, makes for efficient e-juice use and provides an enormous distinction in multi-level style.  It’s not just a saving in terms of cash, but fuss! SMOK’s 4-hole air flow system permits for a good deal of custom management, which means that a large sort of pleasant e-juice flavors and   a alternative for users WHO prefer to switch between Direct Lung and Mouth-to-Lung hits as most of the most effective e cigs use this sort of airflow control it’s nice to check on this tank.

Coiled Up:

The kit comes with 2 completely different coils.  Users can experiment with 2 completely different coils that ar provided with the kit.  The mod arrives with a pre-installed 0.6 Ω twin core coil, and the box set also contains another 0.3 Ω twin core for VW mode vaping.

Circuit Safety:

SMOK’s chipset protects users against the dangers of short circuits and overheating and also the mode of operation is automat. detected betting on the coil. In VW mode the range is 0.1ohm to 3.5ohms, while in TC mode, the range is 0.05ohms to 1.5ohms.


 80W mods are turning into Popular. The SMOK G80 is a perfect choise  in that category because of its wonderful flavor production and powerful clouds of vapor, which is currently available while not the trouble of carrying around a giant mod.  Like the SMOK Qbox, this mini kit is a terribly engaging different to giant mods if you don’t need to handle larger battery packs. The G80 Mod is compact, very moveable and a fantastic primary device for taste-fiends or as standby device for folks that already own ultra-customized mods.

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