American man loses teeth after vape pen explodes in his mouth (18+)

USA, an Idaho resident was injured when his vape pen exploded in his mouth because of the battery malfunctioning. This man lost teeth, his face was burnt, his mouth and lips were injured as well.



Andrew Hall, the injured man. Photo: Facebook personal page


On January 15 Andrew Hall, from Pocatello, Idaho posted on Facebook: “I’m in intensive care now. I won’t be vaping again (I know, terrible and uncool) I’ll try to find different ways to quit smoking.” Hall attached pictures to his post: you can see him sitting in the car with his face burnt and then lying down on the bed in hospital.


His pictures suggest that the explosion happened next to the sink in the bathroom. You can see a pieces of damaged sink –they got stuck in Hall’s face. “I lost at least seven teeth, burnt my face and my neck. Doctors had to remove chunks of plastic, teeth and foreign objects from mouth, throat and lips” he added.


As it turned out, the mechanical vape pen mod exploded. This is the name for a vape pen part that does not contain any circuity or electronic component. If you misuse it there might be a chance of the battery explosion. That’s what happened to Hall. As he stated later he was using an inappropriate battery for that mod.


Ex-vape smoker is still in hospital. Now he’s feeling better. “I’m not against vaping-concludes Hall in his post, -  I just want you to know that situations like this do happen.”


Andrew Hall




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