What is a box mod?

Box Mods Explained

If you have been using a pen style vaporizer and enjoying it, then it may be time to move onto something a little bit more advanced, a Box Mod. A Box Mod is for experienced vapers, generally someone that has been vaping for between six and twelve months.

Box Mods come with either a built-in battery, or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can be removed and charged, or charged inside the unit. Box Mod batteries usually last much longer than traditional pen-style vaporizers, while also producing a lot more power. They also include a built-in computer chip which allows users to customize their vaping experience to suit their own vaping needs. You can set the temperature which is directed towards the coil, producing different vape experiences.

The great thing about Box Mods is that it allows a variety of different applications to be used with the one system. With the right style of atomizer attachment, you could use both oils and liquids, dry herbs or waxes. The choice is entirely up to you. Once you choose the atomizer attachment that you require, you simply adjust the wattage to suit the application.

Box Mods have a variety of different advantages:

  • Customizable temperature control to suit your personal choice or atomizer attachment.
  • Finely tune your voltage input and output.
  • Take bigger hits and produce much larger vapor clouds.
  • Bigger batteries mean that your battery will last longer and you’ll spend less time charging and more time enjoying your vaporizer. Bigger batteries also allow you to utilize higher temperatures.
  • Multi-Function allows vapers to utilize different atomizer attachments. One high-quality Box Mod could serve a variety of different applications for users.




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