Cool Article about YIHI SXMini G Class

YIHI SXMini G Class


Just like many electric devices in the market, vaporizer comes in several major categories including budget-friendly, mid-range, high-end, and flagship. At the lower end of the spectrum, manufacturers often have to make compromises in features, hardware materials, or included accessories. As the range goes up, companies start to include better quality stuffs and attach higher asking price as well. For flagship devices, there is little-to-none compromise to make in terms of production cost; as long as the device comes out as good as expected, the company will put it in the market. It will be more expensive than most existing vaporizers, but at least the manufacturer can justify the price by providing quality. This is exactly what we see in the new SXMini G Class by YIHI.


Main Features


  • Powered by the YiHi SX550J+ processor
  • TFT display
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Joystick control
  • Dual-18650 battery device in a compact size
  • 200 Watt Maximum
  • Temperature control mode supports all TC wire including Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Ni200
  • Package includes high quality gold-plated USB Type C




SXMini G Class comes in three color options: black leather, brown leather, and carbon fiber. Instead of using any other material to resemble the look of carbon fiber, YIHI actually used real carbon fiber wrapping covered by layers of vinyl. At the front side of the device, you get big hexagonal fire button, square screen, and little joystick control. There are no “+” and “-” buttons to be found. At the bottom, you will find spring-loaded battery door with nice secure locking mechanism.


One of the most interesting parts about the new SXMini G is that the 510 connector at the top is surrounded by a 31mm solid stainless steel plate, allowing you to pair a gigantic tank to the vaporizer, in case you use (or find) anything larger than 24mm. Even if you don’t use one, the plate provides excellent support for your tank.


You need to use joystick to access and adjust most of the settings in the device. It is a 5-way joystick (left, right, up, down, and button-press), so everything should be easier and more intuitive that the traditional “+” and “-” models. It may take time to get used the idea of using a joystick on a vaporizer, but fortunately YIHI gives a free app with which you can control the vaporizer on your smartphone. It is basically SXi-Q software on computer, but now you have it on a smartphone. This app even provides graphical ramp up option for the first 10 seconds of every vape. You can customize the amount of power that the SXMini G class should deliver in each of those seconds.