Excellent Review about Mose RDA by MCM MODS


Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) is often considered the pinnacle of vaporizing world as it produces the purest and most intense flavor among all atomizer models. There is no tank in it, requiring you to drip e-juice directly onto the coils and wicks after few puffs. Some models also have deep juice-well to prevent you from dripping the liquid too often. Another good thing from an RDA is that you get to choose or build your own coils with different heat resistance and designs as well. Some users even enjoy the vapors and flavors produced by parallel coil, dual coil, or lower wire gauges for bigger hit. While the basic mechanism of all RDAs is the same, manufacturers will always try to introduce something new and unique in their products. Real innovation is hard to come by; it does happen, but just not that often. However, MCM Mechanical Mods, based in Philippines, has proven that it deserves a reputable place in the vaping community and market with its innovative Mose RDA.

It looks any regular RDA with only top adjustable airflow at a glance, but there are some very good innovative ideas on the inside. First of all, the atomizer is packaged in a tin can instead of a regular carton box. As a rule of thumb, more rigid packaging means safer goods inside.  Package includes:


  • Mose RDA
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • Extra O-ring
  • 2 Extra Post Screws


Although the included accessories are all quite common, the main unit is far from your typical RDA.


Mose RDA is comprised of 5 parts including a wide bore, an outer barrel, inner barrel, screw down top cap, and of course the deck. It has been mentioned earlier that the RDA seems to have only top airflow. When you disassemble the unit, you will also find bottom and side airflows. You cannot see these because they are concealed from view by the outer barrel. You adjust the airflow by turning the outer barrel to open/close 4 wide openings at the top. This design works because the top openings channel air from the outside to both bottom and side airflows.


Since the bottom airflow is sealed by the outer barrel, this RDA does not leak from the bottom even when you pour more e-juice than necessary. Juice well is about 6mm deep, and once again, you cannot possibly make this RDA leak. Screw-down cap is a refreshing idea, considering many RDAs out there have simple push-fit design.


There are only two posts on the deck, but each has at least 3mm diameter hole. You can even fit dual 16-gauge coil in them. At the bottom, the positive battery pin sticks out to a considerable length, so it should be compatible with any hybrid mod, too.