GeekVape Karma Kit Review - Easy Reading with Pictures and Videos

GeekVape Karma Kit


The battle between RDA and RDTA vaporizer setups has been going on for a while now with no clear answer if one is better than the other. Regardless of on whose side you are now, the whole point of different configurations is to provide options for consumers; everyone has different personal preference so it is actually good to see a variety of choices available. GeekVape Karma Kit, however, tries to combine both setups into one convenient package in its new Karma Kit. Such combo is nothing new indeed, but GeekVape makes the atomizer actually transformable from RDTA to RDA and the other way around without the need for any extra piece, for example a separate base. The package includes:


  • Karma RDA + RDTA Atomizer
  • Karma Mod
  • Replacement glass tube
  • Spare parts (including Allen key and black ring)
  • User manual


GeekVape Karma Kit is not recommended for first-timers. Although the basic setup in either RDA or RDTA configuration is not overly complicated, beginners should probably learn about how to install the coil and insert cotton through the coils properly before they can use this kit.


Karma Mechanical Mod


The mod is a small circular tube crafted from copper with special treatment to prevent oxidation. Overall dimension measures at 48mm H x 25mm W including the magnetic button at the bottom part. Above the button, there are several air ventilation holes. It is essentially an insulated battery compartment to prevent power shortages. Karma Mod is powered by 18650-battery (not included). The magnetic button is comprised of two ring magnets placed at repulsive positions. When you press the bottom side of the mod, the upper magnet lifts up and pushes negative connector pin to the battery. There is no 510 connector on top of the mod; if you need to use another atomizer, please make sure the positive-pin on it protrudes at least 1mm.




Karma atomizer included in this kit is the real highlight. As mentioned earlier, you can transform it into either RDA or RDTA setup without additional piece of any sort. Pre-assembled configuration out of the box is RDTA mode. The atomizer measures at 40.5mm H x 25mm W (without the protruding pin) and holds about 5.0ml of e-juice. Thanks to the tank, you don’t have to drip the juice very often to the coil.




RDA is more or less the same as RDTA but without tank/glass tube and chimney inside of the tube. To transform this into an RDA, you have to disassemble all parts of the atomizer and put them back together again without the unnecessary aforementioned pieces. When used in RDA configuration, the atomizer holds a maximum of 2.0ml e-juice. It is also very small at 25mm H x 25mm W excluding the positive-pin.