Government don't really care about Smokers Health.


Reports coming back in favor of vaping are seemingly ignored, and the laws keep on getting stacked against vapers around the world.

With new FDA Regulations coming into effect in August 2016, in the United States, you would be understandably confused in thinking that vaping and e-cigarettes were some sort of heinous threat to the public’s safety. Well, report after report is coming back in favor of vaping and vapers are finding the whole deal a little hard to swallow.

Big tobacco has been a major money-spinner for governments around the world for a long time. There is no denying that smoking is bad for you, to find out how bad check out this article at RBHS. It’s not just an idea either, we all know that smoking simply kills you. There are over 40,000 smoking related deaths per year. So, why hasn’t the government banned smoking? Because it makes them a lot of money. Not only does smoking make them a lot of money through revenue and taxes, but big tobacco also isn't afraid to throw their cash around.

How does that effect vapers? Quite a lot. The government hasn’t banned smoking cigarettes altogether. No, they have banned the use of smoking in public buildings, public places and even in many prisons, but not banned the sale of cigarettes. Instead of banning cigarettes they simply keep on raising the taxes on them, increasing revenue. That’s a lot of money to give up.

Now it’s true that there haven’t been any long-term studies on the effects of vaping and e-cigarettes, it simply hasn’t been around long enough. But there have been quite a few legitimate studies into the immediate benefits of vaping for smokers, and the health risks associated with vaping.

If you would like to read an extremely interesting article on vaping and how it could benefit smokers, then check out the Public Health UK article here.

A few interesting statistics to take away from the report is that a panel of experts stated that vaping or e-cigarettes were up to 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. They also found that many smokers were unaware of how much better for them vaping was than smoking, and how safe vaping really was.

Now, we are all aware and have seen or read about e-cigarettes containing dangerous chemicals. What they failed to say in their report was that the e-cigarettes were heated to extreme temperatures. Temperatures so hot, that no vaper would ever willingly do it. We have also seen the stories on mainstream media about e-cigarettes exploding on users. What they didn’t say was that many of these were homemade mods, without any safety features, or that they exploded on chargers that were used incorrectly.   

Despite all of this, vapers around the world are constantly striving to educate new vapers. If you’re a smoker, then vaping could be a healthier and safer alternative than cigarettes. It could also be a highly effective way for serious smokers to finally quit and give up smoking for good. We are all aware of the traditional ways to quit smoking, gum, patches, NRPs, and pills, etc. All these ways to quit smoking have several things in common, they aren’t always effective, and they’re expensive.

A smoker could set them self up with a beginner’s vaporizer or e-cig for around $40. This would include everything they need, except e-juice or e-liquid. Add another $10-$20 per month for that, and you’re ready to go. Not a lot, less than a week’s worth of traditional cigarettes. Next time you’re thinking of quitting, give e-cigarettes or vaping another look. Remember to do your own homework and form your own opinions. Education is freedom.

Keep on vaping!




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