How to Choose RDA Atomizer - Easy Reading

RDA (Re-buildable Dripping Atomizer) is basically a deck that has both “+” and “-” posts on which you can build and install coils. Most RDAs have the same basic shape; it is just like any regular atomizer but without its tank. You need to open the top cap to drip the e-juice directly onto the coil as there is no liquid container attached. Some models feature juice wells (which act like tanks). There are plenty of RDA models available, but they can be divided into 2 major categories:


  • Flavor-chasing RDA: the main characteristic of flavor-cashing RDA is the existence of top airflow, bottom airflow, or restricted airflow. Such design allows the vapor to become very dense, fill up the atomizer, and produce better flavor. Denser vapor generally means more intense flavor.


  • Cloud-chasing: on the other hand, cloud-chasing RDA comes with wider airflow control. With little air resistance, the atomizer can generate higher volume of vapor. As you inhale it, your mouth and lung is filled with more vapors and eventually you exhale bigger cloud.


Most new atomizers made today actually try to combine both functions in one design. Vapers usually have to make some adjustments to make it work for either one, though. One of the most prominent examples is Dynasty RDA which features bottom and side airflows. As you inhale the vapors, air flows from the bottom of the atomizer and goes up to the coil and cotton. With that being said, you will not get massive cloud from this atomizer; however, it still produces reasonably high volume of vapors without sacrificing the flavor.


In terms of design, all RDAs basically have the same form factor. To make every product unique one from another, every company tries to introduce something new by using distinguishable deck constructions. Regardless of the shape, the most important thing on every deck is its post or terminals where you install the coils. Here are some variants:


  • Basic 3-post deck: basic design for starters is 3-post deck with a hole in each post. The 2 outer posts act as negative terminals, and the middle one is positive. This design allows for either dual-coil or single coil setup.


  • Intermediate 3-post deck: more advanced models for intermediate users have two holes in the middle post. RDAs built in this design usually have bigger holes (some are up to 3mm in diameter) so you can fit larger wires or coils. Some decks are compatible with down to 16-gauge coils (low resistance). The recommended build is 20-gauge for most decks, but you can also use 18-gauge or even 16 gauge for more intense vaping experience.