How to Choose Right Wire for Creating Coils in Your Vaporizer!

If you’re new to building your own coils, then you’re going to want to know a little but about the wire used for creating coils and the difference between the main ones.

There are five main types of wire used in coil building. Each has its own pros and cons, and choosing the right one for your style of vaping could make the whole experience a lot easier. Know the limitations of your builds, wire and battery and your vaping will be much safer.

Below are the five main types of wire used to build coils, and the benefits of each.

One. Kanthal Wire

Kanthal wire is a great place to start for all beginners just dipping their toes in building coils. Kanthal wire is easy to build with, it’s affordable and will get the job done for you. It also withstands high temperatures and will be a lot more forgiving than other wires.

The only downside to Kanthal wire is that many people have reported that it doesn’t enhance the flavors in e-liquid. If you’re looking for the ultimate flavor experience, choose another wire.

Two. Nichrome Wire

The next step forward in the evolution of wire for coil building is Nichrome wire. Nichrome heats up faster than Kanthal wire, giving you a lot more vapor and flavor. The Nichrome wire heats up faster at lower temperatures and is easier to wrap and twist.

Nichrome is recommended for experienced builders and is less elastic than other wires.

Three. Nickel Wire

If you want the fastest heating wire, then Nickel wire is your best choice. Nickel wire offers coil builders zero resistance, making it a sprinter in the heat race.

Nickel wire is very elastic and flexible, but also vulnerable to heating up to high and melting at high wattage vaping.

Four. Titanium Wire

Titanium wire is great for the more advanced temperature controlled mods. It is also one of the most popular wires for more experienced coil builders. Many vapers believe that Titanium wire produces the best flavor profile for e-liquid.

Five. Stainless Steel

Many vapers believe that Stainless Steel Wire adds a crisp taste to their e-liquid. Stainless Steel wire is recommended for its speed in heating up and its durability.



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