iJoy MAXO V12 Supreme Review

As the SMOK brand releases its new TFV12 atomizer, it’s no wonder that iJoy are close on their heels! Across the vaping industry, we’re seeing more powerful atomizers and coils hitting the market at a rapid pace. Consumers are driving the fast-paced advancement in technology, and ultimately, it’s going to be vapers that reap the rewards of better mods, batteries, atomizers and coils.

iJoy has waded into the high-powered atomizer game with its new MAXO V12! The MAXO V12 is leading the market with one of the most powerful atomizers available. The MAXO V12 has a massive 5.6 ml e-liquid capacity, perfect for vapers that don’t want to refill their tanks every five minutes. To make filling up even easier, it also features a convenient top filling system which is very much like the SMOK TFV12.

It’s in the coil system that the iJoy MAXO V12 really takes things to a new level. The MAXO features a V12 twelvefold Coil atomizer head configuration and a power range of 0.1 ohm’s 60-315W to give vapers some serious vaper and flavor production. Although it is capable of vaping at 315W, for most vapers it’s just going to be too hot. Most vapers will be more comfortable at the 200W range. Even though it is an extremely large tank, you’re not going to be disappointed with the flavor, it’s amazing!

Added to all of this is the triple build deck. You will be able to rebuild coils as much as you like and get started on some serious cloud chasing. If you love hot vapes and chasing clouds, then the iJoy MAXO V12 is the atomizer tank for you! With its slide and spring loaded filling system, you won’t be disappointed.