Mechanical Mods Explained

About Mechanical Mods

If you are new to vaping or haven’t used a vaporizer before, then it is recommended that you don’t start with a Mechanical Mod. This guide is just to explain what Mechanical Mods are and we don’t recommend that beginners should try Mechanical Mods without an experienced vaper.

A Mechanical Mod is similar to a Box Mod, without all the safety chips and built-in fail-safes. Mechanical Mods are a very powerful, yet simple version of a Box Mod. Mechanical Mods are as different as everyone who chooses to use them. The box which holds the mod can take a variety of different forms.

The most common style of Mechanical Mod is the tube style. The Mechanical Mod contains a rechargeable battery and a firing button. When you press the firing button on the Mechanical Mod, the circuit is completed, and unregulated current is directed towards the atomizer. All Mechanical Mods contain no circuits, no wires, soldering chips or any other type of electronics.

It is recommended that Mechanical Mods are only used and built by experienced vapers who have the right equipment and knowledge. If used incorrectly, Mechanical Mods can send high amounts of current into the atomizer causing the device to explode or vent. If the device heats up to rapidly and doesn’t vent correctly, then it could cause the device to catch fire or even explode.

Many experienced vapers choose Mechanical Mods for their simplicity and durability. They deliver a customizable vaping experience with little room for electronic failures. If anything happens with the device, then vapers can rebuild at low cost.



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