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RDTAs or Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizers have undergone a variety of changes over the last few years. It is because of this, RDTAs are often one of the most confusing of all styles of atomizers used by vapers.

Only a few years ago, an RDTA was just an RTA with an additional style of pump. When vapers squeezed the plunger or pump, a certain amount of e-liquid or e-juice was forced into the wicking surrounding the coil. The more you pumped the pump, the more e-juice or e-liquid would be forced into the coil producing larger amounts of vapor. Some vapers called the early models of RDTAs Auto Drippers. This was because RDTAs were similar to dripping, but the e-juice or e-liquid delivery system was automated. It wasn’t completely automatic but automated manually by the vaper to make the entire experience a little easier.

When RDTAs first hit the vaping market, they were extremely hard to utilize on a regular basis. The entire system was complicated and involved several separate parts and components. They may sound like a lot of fun, but because of the different actions and parts required they often broke down completely. Most vapers passed them off as much more trouble than they were worth, with any benefits being far outweighed by the negative aspects.

Recently, there have been a few manufacturers that have labeled redesigned RTAs as RDTAs. Many of these new styles of RDTAs aren’t the same as traditional RDTAs, but they have had a facelift. New channels and grooves feed e-juice and e-liquid from small wells directly into the wicking and coil. There may be a certain amount of argument about whether or not they deserve the title of RDTAs, but they are new and improved atomizers.

RDTAs Explained



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