Really Easy Reading Article about Vaporizer Tesla 150W Touch

Tesla 150W Touch Box Mod


Combining the user-friendliness of touchscreen functionality and most-wanted features of an electric vaporizer, the Tesla 150W Touch seems to deliver just the right amount of improvements without sacrificing usability. When it comes to vaporizer, touchscreen is not likely the first thing that crosses your mind. You probably will end up thinking about it but after so many other things such as atomizers, wicking, coils, e-juice, clouds, battery safety, and more. Vaporizers are nowadays big commodities and there is huge demand for them, so it is not surprising to see some manufacturers incorporating new friendly technologies to their products. Tesla has been in the e-cigarettes industry since 2009, and it continues to increase brand awareness and gain loyal customers all around the world with new products including the well-received touchscreen-enabled Tesla 150W.




Basic shape still does not deviate too much from boxy appearance of most electric vaporizers in the market. As you take a look further at the design, you will notice some differences for examples it has only one button located at the top right hand corner of the device instead of typical right/left side. It acts as both Power and Fire buttons. At the front, Tesla 150W has a huge 2.4-inch color screen not only to display voltage, wattage, coil resistance, and battery level statistics, but also give you access to all available settings. There is no need to buttons or joystick if you have proper touchscreen.


There is one thing that makes Tesla 150W Touch different from most of its competitors: its touchscreen actually works. Menu options are well arranged with nice hierarchy layout. Each option is represented by readable words instead of vague icons all over the screen. Navigational system also makes a lot of sense for examples:


  • Back arrow button on the screen does bring user back to previous screen
  • Touching an option brings deeper settings
  • Lock icon is big and easy to reach


Such menu layout makes accessing common vaporizer options easier. You can simply touch the big Wattage icon at the front to decrease or increase it; the same thing applies to Temperature. Tesla 150W does not try to be ridiculously different from others, and this is a good thing. Apart from its touchscreen, the vaporizer offers the following features:


Output Mode             : Ti/Ni200/SS/TCR/VW

Output Level              : 7 – 150 W with 1.0W increment

Temperature Range    : 200° – 600° F (no Celsius option)

Resistance Range       : 0.1 – 3.0 ohm VW mode

                                     0.05 – 1.0 ohm in Ti/Ni200/SS316/TCR mode

Power source              : 2 X 18650 high drain batteries


Just because you have a touchscreen of the device, it does not mean the vaporizer has to be difficult to use or bring more features than necessary. Tesla 150W Touch implements those principles quite well and executes them in a nice package.