Super Review about Hcigar VT250 DNA250 Triple 18650

Hcigar VT250 DNA250 Triple 18650


The „Hcigar VT250“ is a vape kit with incredible power. The producer promotes the device with a long duration and huge power output. Many modes and settings are adjustable, guaranteeing a tailored vaping experience for every individual smoker.

            The vaporizer is made of high-grade metal with a part of fake leather. While this makes it a product of top quality, it is heavier than some other devices on the market. However, it is not significantly larger than other vape kits and feels comfortable, as well as it has a pleasant, futuristic look.

            Most important for vapers is the power output. Vaping is possible with any power from 1W to 250W. The power is provided by the heart of the package, the „DNA250 Evolv Chipset“, which is popular on the market right now for its precise temperature control. Additionally, every other setting that you can think of is also adjustable. This applies for the atomizer, the temperature, and the voltage as well.

            Hinted as a specialty in the name is the „Triple 18650“ battery. This means, that the heart of the device is made up by three batteries, which ensure a long-lasting vaping-experience. While some people might prefer the duration over the weight of the vape kit, others will be annoyed by the heavy device.

            Beneficial for experienced users is the possibility of using almost any tank with the „Hcigar VT250“. With the „Escribe“-software, the device can be even more personalized. Updating and personalizing is made easy by the arranged USB-cable, which is also for charging.

            To conclude, one can say that the „Hcigar VT250 DNA250 Triple 18650“ is a powerful vaping tool for users who are not irritated by the weight and size of the device.