The Ultimate Guide to Squonking

The idea of vaping and e-cigarettes have evolved tremendously. A number of new products are entering the market and taking it over by surprise. Squonkers have been around for longer than we know but it became popular in the recent years. It’s an innovation brought to vaporizers and vaping with the use of bottom-fed RDA, to maximize the flavor and squeeze in the product into one handy squonk mod!

If you have heard the word but aren’t really sure of it, this guide will answer all of your questions.

Squonkers – The Idea, Design and Working of Squonk Mod

Squonk Mods are designed to make the portable atomizers even more convenient. The RDAs are bottom fed into the mods so there’s no need to drip when you blow a puff. While in conventional vaping, e-liquid dripping for every single puff creates quite a fuss.

Squonk Mods are convenient, self-contained and easy to carry and operate. They have their own e-liquid in a tube and that’s where the name, Bottom Feeder Mod comes from. The liquid flows through the tube straight into the RDA via a 510 center pin. These mods come with batteries and e-liquid bottle covered in a box. There’s a small cut-out in the box called the squonk hole from where you feed small amounts of the juice into the atomizer.

Vaping with a squonk mod is no hassle, you hit the button on and take puffs. When you squeeze the bottle through the squonk hole, the e-liquid automatically rises up into the RDA and when you release, the excess goes back into the bottle. It lets you drip small amounts of e-liquid enough to bring the flavor and saturate the wick. Just when you feel the flavors are fading, you can squeeze the bottle again.

The History of Squonk Mods

The story dates back to 2009 when Carlos49, a member of the e-cigarette forum introduced Juicebox to replace the fuss of carrying vaping juice and dripping RDA. The juicebox was the first commercial squonker but couldn’t be marketed due to low availability and inability to be replicated. Later in 2010, the idea was led to create REO Squonk Mod by another member. That’s when Squonkers splashed in the market and became widely popular.

The Future of Vaping

Since the inception of the idea and its extensive acceptance and popularity, many squonk models have been designed and redesigned with bottom fed pins to be squonk friendly. A number of innovations and improvements were made for watt regulation and temperature control. There are plenty of modern squonkers like regulated squonk mods with variable wattage and ability to use 25mm atomizers.

Choosing the Right Squonk Mod

Now that you have learned all about the squonking and squonkers, it is just the right time to know which one is right for you. The only way to unveil the secret is by trying one. If you’re already a vaping freak user of drippers, squonkers will give you a nice time upgrading your game even stronger. A squonk mod comes with around 7 to 10ml tank enough to puff the entire day. You may find original 200-watt mods and a lot more in the market for a fairly expensive rate. Also, these high rated squonkers keep you longing because of their limited availability and some are exclusively available on their own Social Media Pages only.  Good for all of us that some pocket-friendly squonkers from China have also entered the market and are giving the high profile squonks a run for their money.

Squonk Mods, Yay or Nay?

All of us know that there’re two sides of the coin. Everything comes with its own advantage and disadvantage. It is essential to weigh both before attempting to try the modern trend in vaping. Earlier, the squonkers were noticed to have weak battery life since most of the mods used single 18650 battery. The downturn is fairly fixed with the release of 20700 and 21700 batteries. Another flaw is the unavailability of regulated squonkers in the market. You will mostly find yourself ending up with an unregulated one. The unregulated squonk mods may ultimately increase the chances of juice overflow in the RDA.

On the other hand, squonkers have made it easier to vape on the go. The convenience of no constant dripping and refilling has won over all of the cons of squonking. Additionally, the size of a squonker tank is 7 to 10ml while conventional RDA’s have a maximum limit of 5ml or less. There would be less juice buying and less spending fortunes since only a small amount is used for a longer period of time and the excess does not overflow. However, it totally depends on your consumption pattern and vaping habits. Ensure that the convenience does not get you addicted!


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