Tobacco harm reduction

Tobacco harm reduction is a health strategy for the public, designed by the government, to make sure that the adverse effects of tobacco are kept under control. The main reason behind this is the fact that, while people want to enjoy the nicotine with each cigarette, what they forget is that the tar kills them. In order to reduce death due to tobacco, Governments across the world have been coming up with Tobacco harm reduction plans.

Why tobacco harm reduction?

There are many smokers around the world and this number contributes to a huge increase in the number of cases reported per year under breathing problems, lung issues and cancer. Smoking is life threatening when it becomes a habit. This is why tobacco harm reduction is essential. While quitting tobacco altogether might seem like the best idea to gain a healthy living, most of the times it works the other way around.

Smokers that quit smoking are more likely to start smoking again, with more puffs a day. Quitting smoking completely is a long process and may sometimes involve going for therapy. The number of diseases that smoking brings along with it is one of the reasons why care should be taken to make sure that very few people are affected by tobacco.

Tobacco harm reduction rules can be set by the government, but ultimately it is the smoker that decides if the habit goes to the trash or continues to live.

Some ways of THR:

Tobacco harm reduction mainly focuses on suggesting alternatives to smoking. E-cigarettes and vaping are two of the most commonly used techniques for tobacco harm reduction. In this, vaping is considered the best option because it is the closest choice to actual tobacco.

Vaping is the process of inhaling vapours and in this case, vaping involves inhaling nicotine. Nicotine has known to have benefits as pills in the medical industry but we also blame nicotine for its destructive nature. While e-cigarettes are more like smoking, they really just feel like a cheaper cigarette. The purpose of any tobacco harm reduction method is to make sure that inhaling tobacco is never as dangerous as smoking. E-cigarettes destroy this purpose whereas vaping with its interesting flavours is a winner among the other option.

The best way to get started when it comes to quitting a habit is by making sure that the habit is first covered by another pass time. This way, the mind does not feel the need to puff a cigarette every day.