Why Premium E-Liquids Are Better Than Cheap Ones!


Many new vapers often encounter the large variety of e-liquids for sale online, and the same question keeps coming up, Why are premium e-liquids better than cheap ones?


Why are premium e-liquids better than cheap e-liquids? The most obvious answer is that premium e-liquids are made from premium ingredients, using the best mixing methods. Vaping has exploded in popularity around the world over the last few years. E-liquid companies are no different. There are literally thousands of e-liquid companies online and even in brick and mortar stores.


For the most part, this increase in popularity has been great for vaping. It has led to innovation across the vaping industry, more competition, and more availability of vaping hardware such as sub-ohm mods, drippers, squonk mods, pod mods, and much more! There has been one negative aspect to this increase in popularity, the flood of cheap e-liquids.


When vaping first started a lot of e-liquid out of places like China was cheap and nasty. Made from low-quality ingredients and mixed poorly these e-liquids were plain nasty to vape. They soon gave way to premium e-liquids as vapers around the world moved onto high-powered mods that demanded better, premium e-liquids.


Premium e-liquids may taste similar to cheap and nasty e-liquids if you’re vaping with high-nicotine in small vape pens and cheap e-cigarettes. Nicotine sometimes has a strong flavor and can impact the flavor of your e-liquid.  Where premium e-liquids come into their own is when you start using better vape mods. High-quality vape mods and sub-ohm kits need premium e-liquids with high VG levels and low nicotine. They use properly sourced ingredients and high-quality flavor and nicotine. They’re mixed professionally and pre-steeped for maximum flavor from the minute you open them.


Below are five of the most popular premium e-liquid brands available:

  • Black Note Premium E-Liquid – If you enjoy tobacco e-liquid, then Black Note’s premium e-liquid range is exactly what you’ve been searching for. They have a wide variety of rich and earthy tobacco e-liquids. 50/50 VG/PG.
  • Naked 100 Premium E-Liquid – Naked 100 has some amazing premium e-liquid flavors. Maui Sun, Hawaiian POG, Lava Flow, and many other tobacco and candy-inspired 70/30 VG/PG.
  • The Milkman Premium E-Liquid – These little milk cartons of e-liquid can be seen in almost every vape shop around the world! They have a huge range of milk and cream-based flavors. Max VG.
  • Glas Premium E-liquid – Multi award-winning flavors are what Glas premium e-liquid is renowned for. Pound Cake, Glaze, Butterscotch Reserve, Fizzy Lemonade and much more. 70/30 VG/PG.
  • Beard Vape Co. Premium E-Liquid – Beard Vape Co. has a huge array of exciting and exotic premium e-liquid flavors from sweet and savory desserts through to complicated drinks. 70/30 VG/PG.


Do yourself a favor, buy a premium e-liquid for yourself and judge the difference in vapor production and flavor. Once you start using premium e-liquids, you’ll never go back to cheap and nasty e-liquids! When you buy premium e-liquid, you’re getting a superior vaping experience that your taste buds will thank you for.




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