About the product:

These coils made by GeekVape. They are perfectly good for Illusion Mini. You will get 3 pcs of GeekVape Illusion Mini IM4 Coil. This coil has 0.15ohm resistance for 50 - 120 Watt.  If you will buy Illusion Mini Coil, be sure, you will get really high-quality stuff. If you got Illusion Mini, better to purchase additionally more coils for it, it will allow you to enjoy vaping for a long time. It is better to own additional coils.


Made of steel and cotton.

3 pcs inside the package

You will get:

3 pieces of GeekVape Illusion Mini IM4 Coil for Illusion Mini.

How packed:

Common factory package with the barcode.


One month warranty

You will need also to purchase E-Juices