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Element Premium Dripper Series e-liquids ar specially developed with a better concentration of VG and fewer nicotine to provide the purest, densest clouds possible! offered in 5 of our preferred flavors, this ar ideal to be used with mechanical mods and drippers.

Each part Vape Juice Dripper comes in a 20ml Glass bottle, and contains 3mg of nicotine. The low nicotine content permits advanced users to require in additional Vapor, however less nicotine.


Element e-Liquid Flavors:

Rich banana quick bread infused with refined caramel

Like the tempting aroma of heat banana quick bread straight out of the kitchen appliance, this all-around e-liquid can build your style buds swoon. a powerful mix of caramel and aged bananas with refined nutty tones, this guilt-free treat guarantees to unveil made, thick plumes of vapor that may taunt everybody around.

Delightfully fruity and exhilarating mix of sweet blueberry with made creamy tones

An irresistably sweet and fruity aroma that completely captures the essence of a sunny summer day. This vivacious mix of freshly-picked blueberries infused with creamy undertones may be a delicious treat.

Get the Energy boost your mind and body crave

Kick-start the day with this exhilarating mix of amino acids, taurine, and caffeine-infused with mango and a splash of orange! This knotty mix provides energy and improves mental performance whereas assuaging fatigue and stress therefore you'll be able to face each day at your best.

Refreshing lotion balanced by refined sweet tones associated an icy aftersensation

Shake your senses with this gratifying lotion frost! This piercing arctic lotion is laced with gentle sweet tones and is intended to be a perfect all-day vape for those seeking a chilling lotion expertise.

Get your Apple A Day

All of the crisp juiciness you'd expect from a Granny Smith apple, wrapped up in the juice you're not gonna want to share.

Zesty Lemon Citrus infusion with silky smooth undertones

A burst of bright lemon meets sweet & tangy lime, creating an invigorating vaping experience. This blend provides the perfect refreshing hit for those hot summer days.

Smooth sweet and tangy MOJITO blend with refreshing hint of mint

Experience the refreshing taste of the Caribbean’s most popular drink in this delicious vacation south. Soak up the sun with this fun sweet and sour blend of crisp lime balanced with Cachaça – a sweet tropical spirit distilled from sugar cane. All muddled with a refreshing hint of mint makes this juice the ultimate happy hour vape!

Grab your Lemonade And prepare to relish a hot summer day

This refreshing, zingy blend of lemonade features just the right amount of red fruit. You won't have to look for the sidewalk stand for this perfect iteration of what we all know will quench your thirst. A very slight tang on the tongue gives way to a smooth citrus exhale.

Tantalizing blend of naturally zingy and tangy tangerine

Journey along the Mediterranean coast and savor the vivid flavors of Spanish clementine, ripe oranges and juicy tangerines perfectly balanced with gentle sweet notes. Brimming with succulent citrusy tones, this invigorating blend combines all natural ingredients for an explosion of flavor destined to become your daily favorite.

Rich, pure tobacco flavor with golden throat hit

A bountiful harvest of smooth tobacco flavor is captured in this moderate take on traditional tobacco. This classic premium e-Liquid is the ideal choice for those seeking an alternative to traditional tobacco use.

Classic Vanilla is always in fashion

Elegant silky vanilla swirls with distant hazelnut tones Savor each sweet puff of this classic juice channeling the alluring combination of vanilla, cream, and sugar, converging to dance along your taste buds while you vape. This decadent flavor is amazingly smooth and overflowing with flavor.

Vibrantly juicy watermelon chiller

The refreshing sweetness of watermelon meets the sleek chill of mint. This mouthwatering combination of juicy fruit with refreshing mint is that the good remedy to beat the warmth. Watermelon Chill provides you dense clouds of vapor, making your own personal oasis.

Encounter your Zen state of mind with this reposeful fusion of natural passionflower vine laced with irresistible fruit flavors

Allow yourself to assume position and guide the mind and body towards a happy state of relaxation and feel-good sensation. This exotic mix of tantalizing leechee, succulent guava and a splash of sweet peach together with natural passionflower vine, chamomile, and amino acids is that the good combination to assist scale back stress levels and obtain you even nearer to a completely galvanized state. Go ahead, lose yourself within the clouds and knowledge true Zen.

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