Turbo V3 RDA Adjustable Airflow Atomizer

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Features:* Rebuilable Atomizer* Specially for 510 series * PC Grade Plastic Turbine Wheel* 304 Stainless Steel Construction* Available in 5 colours SS,Black,white,green, blue* Square Post to Prevent Spinning* PEEK Insulator* Milled Negative Posts* Deep  Well* Adjustable Airflow Specifications:* Product Name:  Turbo V3 RDA Atomizer* Thread: 510 thread* Material: SS* Diameter: 22mm* Weight: 150g* 2 Optional Colors:......


* Rebuilable Atomizer
* Specially for 510 series 
* PC Grade Plastic Turbine Wheel
* 304 Stainless Steel Construction
* Available in 5 colours SS,Black,white,green, blue
Square Post to Prevent Spinning
PEEK Insulator
* Milled Negative Posts
Deep  Well
Adjustable Airflow

* Product Name:  
Turbo V3 RDA Atomizer
* Thread: 510 thread
* Material: SS
* Diameter: 22mm
* Weight: 150g
* 2 Optional Colors: stainless steel, black

Package includes:
1* Atomizer
2* Drip Tip
1* L Tool
2* O Ring
2* Screws
1* Package Box

Tags: 10-20 , atomizer , rda , turbo v3

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